Texas Counties Deliver

Roster for EVBM-Dem RO-07-14-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-07-10-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-07-08-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem 07-07-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-07-06-2020

Roster for EVPA-Rep RO-07-06-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-07-02-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-7-1-2020
Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-6-30-2020

Roster for EVPA-Dem RO-6-29-2020
Roster for EVBM-Democratic RO 6-22-2020

Roster for EVBM Democratic RO - June 17, 2020

Roster for EVBM Democratic RO - June 15, 2020

Notice of 2020 Runoff Democratic & Republican Runoff

Notice of Precinct Consolidation 

Notice of EV 2020 Democratic & Republican RO Election 

Roster for EVBM Democratic RO 

Polling Place List - 2020 Primary Runoff Election

Notice of Testing - 2020 Primary Runoff Election

Roster for EVPA-Democratic-2-27-2020

Roster for EVBM-Democratic-2-26-2020


Roster for EVPA-2-26-2020-PG. 1

Roster for EVPA-2-26-2020-PG. 2

Roster for EVPA-2-26-2020-PG. 3

Roster for EVPA-Republican-2-26-2020

Republican EVPA 2-24-2020 and 2-25-2020

Democratic Early Voting By Mail 2-25-2020

Roster for EVPA 2-25-2020

Roster for EVPA 2-24-2020 

Roster for EVPA 2-21-2020

Roster for EVBPA Democratic 2-20-2020

Democrat Early Voting Roster 2/19/2020

Democrat Early Voting By Mail 2/19/2020

Democrat Early Voting Roster 2/18/2020

Democrat Early Vote By Mail 2/18/2020

Republican Early Voting Roster 2/18/2020

Notice of Pct. Consolidation

Notice of Election

Notice of Primary Election

Mobility Notice

Polling Places

Notice of Primary Dates

Republican Primary Sample Ballot

Democratic Primary Sample Ballot - Precinct #1
Democratic Primary Sample Ballot - Precinct #2
Democratic Primary Sample Ballot - Precinct #3-3, #3-5
Democratic Primary Sample Ballot - Precinct #4


Voting History for Early Voting in Person-11/1/2019 

Voting History for Early Voting in Person-10/31/2019 

Voting History for EV in Person - 10/30/2019

Voter History - 10/29/2019

Voter History - 10/25/2019 (cont'd.) - 10/28/2019

Voter History - 10/21/2019 through 10/25/2019

Election Officer Contact